7-year-old: I'm so cold. Me: Maybe you should stop eating ice cream. 7: *wraps up in a blanket* No. #xplodingunicorn
2019/07/18 08:41:02 przez www, 2
   3-year-old: *holds the remote for 2.5 seconds* Me: *spends hours trying to get Netflix to not be in French* #xplodingunicorn
2019/07/18 08:40:15 przez www, 1
   7-year-old: *plugs in tablet* Me: It's already at 100 percent. 7: I want it at 200. She'll make a great #coach. #xplodingunicorn
2019/07/11 13:17:06 przez www, 1
   3-year-old: Watch this. Me: Okay. 3: Are you watching? Me: Uh huh. 3: No, you're not. Me: *looks up* PUT DOWN THE SCISSORS #xplodingunicorn
2019/07/10 15:51:11 przez www, 1
   7-year-old: I'm going to be good today. Me: You should be good every day. 7: Don't push it. #xplodingunicorn
2019/07/10 15:49:03 przez www, 3
   9-year-old: Dad! Dad! Dad! Me: This better be an emergency. 9: Sloths only poop once a week. It was an emergency. #xplodingunicorn
2019/07/10 15:44:18 przez www, 1
   7-year-old: Can we ride bikes today? Me: If you're good. 7: So that's a "no." #xplodingunicorn
2019/07/10 15:37:13 przez www, 2
   4-year-old: Dad? Me: What? 4: Have you heard of the Great Devourer? Me: Is that from a cartoon, or are you in a cult? #xplodingunicorn
2019/07/10 15:31:53 przez www, 2
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