5-year-old: Why can't dogs go to school? Me: Dogs are animals. 5: They let in boys. #xplodingunicorn
2018/04/18 23:15:16 przez www, 1
   #kwik 5-year-old: What day is it? Me: Saturday. 5: I don't do anything on Saturdays. Me: Just kidding. It's Tuesday. 5: I don't do anything on Tuesdays. #xplodingunicorn
2018/04/15 17:55:21 przez www, 0
   Me: It snowed last night. 5-year-old: *flops on the floor* We already did winter. #xplodingunicorn
2018/04/09 16:31:00 przez www, 0
   Me: Why are you being mean? 5-year-old: I ran out of nice. It's going to be a long night. #xplodingunicorn
2018/04/04 20:11:36 przez www, 2
   #kwik #sw My 3-year-old named her baby doll R2-3PO I'm not sure if she's watched too much Star Wars or not enough. #xplodingunicorn
2018/04/02 23:07:33 przez www, 0
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