6-year-old: What are we having for dinner? Me: Are you hungry? 6: Only if we're having pizza. #xplodingunicorn
2018/08/17 20:35:35 przez www, 0
   6-year-old: Why does Monday have to come after Sunday? Me: When should it come? 6: Never. Amen. #xplodingunicorn :D
2018/08/13 07:59:10 przez www, 2
   Me: I watched a movie with the kids. Wife: What was it about? Me: No idea. I watched it with the kids. #xplodingunicorn
2018/08/13 07:57:53 przez www, 0
   4-year-old: I played on the big playground! Me: You sure did. 4: Can I drive? #xplodingunicorn
2018/08/03 10:34:16 przez www, 0
   6-year-old: Halt! Who goes there? Me: Dad. 6: Who? Me: *sighs* Sir Nose Hair. 6: You may pass. #xplodingunicorn
2018/08/03 10:33:44 przez www, 0
   Me: Wake up. It's morning. 4-year-old: Again? #xplodingunicorn
2018/08/03 10:33:18 przez www, 3
   6-year-old: *eats two cookies and then two more cookies* Me: What do you think you're doing? 6: Math. #xplodingunicorn
2018/08/02 15:49:14 przez www, 0
   8-year-old: The tooth fairy left me 50 cents. Me: That's awesome. 8: Last time she left me 75 cents. Me: The tooth market is tough. #xplodingunicorn
2018/08/01 08:59:19 przez www, 3
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